Monthly Archives: April 2011

The Record Bowl Experiment

Today I made a few more record bowls. I decided to experiment with spray paint and tape and this is the result. I’ve never used spray paint before so I’m pretty impressed that I didn’t stain everything in my line of sight. I’m going to experiment with painting the bowls a bit more to give them a more personalized and funky feel to them.


Ericraft Challange!

This week kicks off my first craft of the week challenge! To participate in the “Ericraft Challange” add me on facebook or twitter and send me a craft request (or as many requests as you would like). So lets say you don’t tweet and you’re not a fan of facebook, well there’s good news! You can send me requests via the contact tab. Fill out the form and let me know what you want to see me make.  So let’s get started on suggestions for next week.

Below is a record bowl which was suggested by a fellow crafter yesterday, and I think they are so much fun! They make an excellent conversation piece and have a retro vibe that gives any room a little hint of awesome.

I used a Neil Diamond record which I found at Goodwill for this particular project.  I also picked up a Pyrex bowl to mold the records on because the records can release toxic fumes when in the oven. This particular project was a ton of fun, and extremely cost efficient.

My First Event!

Yesterday I participated in my first craft fair. I’ve spent the past two weeks working extremely hard on making enough product for the event. I will admit that my nerves were rattled a bit, but this is what I love. This is exactly what I want to do with my life. The event was a lot slower than anticipated however it was a great experience nonetheless. Thank you to all of my friends and followers who showed up to show support. I greatly appreciate your kindness.

I’ve Been Framed!

Here is a slideshow of the decoupage and some painted frames I’ve created for the craft fair this upcoming Saturday. This will be my first craft fair ever so as you can imagine I’m very excited.  I wanted to do some sewing, but there isn’t enough time in the day to complete enough socktopi.

Sock Pig Madness!

I started making sock animals a long time ago. Sock animals are an excellent and affordable craft. While I was unemployed I spent many a day crafting these adorable little pigs for many reasons. Mainly because they are very affordable to make, and quite frankly they are adorable. Another great thing about the sock pig is that you do not need a sewing machine in order to make one of these fantastic little stuffed animals.


My friend Mike’s birthday is coming up and I made him this frame with the silliest picture in it. I’m happy to report that he likes it so much that it’s on his desk! Thanks to Mike for the photo.

Decoupage is a ton of fun. I’ve been making all kinds of things, and as always I love sharing my creations with you guys. If you have any questions on how to get started please leave me a comment or shoot me a message.